Minister of Justice Saljiji, met today the President and the members of the Board for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Quality of Work of Mediation  



Minister Saljii initially wished the Mediation Board success in its work. The Board was established in 2013 for the first time, in accordance with the Law on Mediation.

Minister Salji added during the conversation that the purpose of this Board is to encourage the development of mediation in order mediation to be used more as an alternative dispute resolution, i.e. to provide quality in this area, as well as to give ideas for the development of mediation in our country.

In addition, this Board will face serious challenges, as it is first necessary to overcome some of the problems we are facing from establishing this institutional concept for the development of mediation.

Minister Saljii also highlighted some of the Board's obligations, including organizing the exam for mediators, accrediting the training program for mediators in Macedonia, determining the methodology and the manner of monitoring and evaluating the work of mediators, the trainers of mediators, that is, the implementation of the accredited training program for mediators, etc.

Finally, Minister Saljiji invited them to work together to overcome all the obstacles they face  with in the mediation process, in order for mediation to be more accessible to citizens, but at the same time to provide better conditions for anyone who wants to obtain a license for mediators.

The President and the members of the Board thanked Minister Saljii on his continued support and cooperation and stressed that their work will achieve the goal and will confirm that mediation is the right way to resolve disputes.

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